The SomaSensing way

to intuitive somatic movement

  • Pause

    Take a moment to pause

  • Tune in

    Tune in to your body in a way that takes care of you

  • Connect

    Connect with your felt sense in a way that guides you to move the way nature intended.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is interested in somatic movement as therapy.

Whether you are interested in your own healing or looking to train in a somatic movement practice. This course will connect you to somatic awareness in a simple way. If you are a Yoga teacher, Pilates teacher, or trauma therapist looking to train in a somatic discipline, this course will help you decide. Pay $97 instead of $150 until Jan 2021.
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Experience healing somatic movement

The SomaSensing way

There are many approaches to somatic movement. Then there is SomaSensing. An intuitive somatic approach that emerged for me through my fascination with, fascia research, the polyvagal theory, and the nature of our design. In this mini-course, learn to connect with your embodied self through felt sense and the somatic principle of self-inquiry. Learn how to explore with curiosity. How to self adjust, self-release and self-soothe by connecting with the sensory wisdom of your body. Hey I'm Yasmin. The creator of SomaSensing and a Registered Somatic Movement Educator with ISMETA. The International Somatic Movement Educators and Therapists Association. I help people find relief from chronic pain and heal from complex trauma through SomaSensing. I have been fascinated with how body and mind are connected. Before then I had learned to treat the body as a mechanical system of parts. Until I experienced a moment of integration. Body and mind as one. A felt sense of the body as a whole. Everything changed. I could no longer teach functional fitness, Pilates, or Yoga in the same way. It no longer felt right. Once I intuitively felt "wholeness", I began to let it emerge. Don't take my word for it. Let me guide you to your felt sense and let your own felt sense guide you.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to SomaSensing

    • Welcome to SomaSensing

    • Learning through sensing versus seeing

  • 2

    What is Somatic?

    • What is somatic

    • Your sensory wisdom - You already know.

    • What causes Somatic amnesia?

    • Embodied awareness

    • Connect to felt sense

    • Find the Quiet within

    • Cultivate somatic awareness

  • 3

    The SomaSensing way

    • Tuning in to felt sense - for embodied awareness

    • Fascia as felt sense

    • Attuning to resonance

    • Pandiculation-nature's stretch

    • Movement resets your inner rhythm

    • The calm response

    • Move from within

  • 4

    Let's tune in

  • 5

    Let's practice

    • Sensing within in standing.

    • Soft body bounce

    • Self adjust, find softness, find space

    • Revitalising the Thoracolumbar Fascia

    • Skin glide

    • Floor practice

    • Intuitive unwinding

    • Nature's design

    • Interoception

  • 6

    What next

    • Ways to work with me.

Reconnect with yourself.

On special for $97 instead of $150.

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